5G short course - Virtual First

ultimate 5G guide - short course

Our 5G short course

This is our 5G short course. Work through this and you will learn more about how this technology can help your business.

After the course, scroll down to see more about our 5G network. Aside from this we have some other resources for you to view and visit, to help you understand how 5G can help drive your business goals.

Our 5G network

Our 5G network provides a scalable solution for all your business needs. Our experts can help you audit your needs and tailor a solution that meets your current requirements but is fully flexible to grow with your business. Now that you have completed our 5G – short course it’s time to start thinking about how this can help your business progress into novel opportunities.

5G offers your business novel ways of driving growth and diversifying into new products or services.

A short history of 5G

The following video gives a nice, short history of the development of mobile technology from the antediluvian days of 1G to the science fiction now of 5G.

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Further reading after completing our 5G short course

Obviously there are many sites that you can visit that have information about 5G. I like the one at emfexplained as they have a very comprehensive article on 5G and manage to get much of the technical jargon over in terms that anyone can follow.

We will be publishing further articles on both this technology and other new technologies such as the Internet of Things and the new world of AI and Large Language Models (LLM).