Cyber Security

Protect Your Organisation From Cyber Based Attacks

Why Cyber Security?

We have become more reliant on technology than ever before! Our use of data has enabled us to excel but also exposes us to new and unseen threats.

Cyber Security is demanding to be more flexible. With Virtual First, we ensure organisations can extend their network protection outside of the office.


Attempted attacks recorded on SMB’s everyday


Attempts are successful


SMB’s are attacked per year

Data gathered from 05/10/2021

Get prepared with us

Benefit from the latest cyber protection technology and secure your businesses exposure with Virtual First.

As a business that is ISO 27001 UCAS accredited and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified, we work so you can put your mind at ease knowing your network, data and endpoints are protected.

Cyber threats take many different forms, posing a risk to your network both externally and internally. Our service offers a diverse culmination of tools and practices to provide you with a framework for threat mitigation, vulnerabilities, risk management and disaster recovery.

Our steps to your bespoke security solution



We examine your business’s exposure and outline your threats.



We identify your vulnerabilities and plan a tailored protection service.



You become secure with tailored security measures with expert consultancy.

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