Endpoint Detection and Response Security

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We take stock of your devices and prepare your adoption of MFA via configuring your network.



Assess the necessary security policies your infrastructure needs so that all endpoints comply with the MFA requirements of your business.



Assign conditional access policies to staff and push configuration requests to setup internal/external network and application access with MFA procedures.

Endpoint Detection & Response

An essential tool within our cyber security portfolio is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). This utilises real-time continuous monitoring and analysis capabilities of endpoint data, with behavioural-based AI remediation capabilities.

The EDR technology works by recording network information in a central database, where further detection, analysis, and reporting can take place.

This in turn enables security teams to quickly identify and respond to threats, and not waste time dealing with high volumes of false alerts.

AI and machine learning features are designed within the EDR software to identify new threats on a network and respond to isolate the suspicious activity.

Endpoint Detection and Response is one of the most advanced Cyber Security Systems available and is essential for organisations who hold and process highly sensitive information or manage critical infrastructure.

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Malware Protection

Your privacy and important documents are under constant attack from malicious software. Malware attacks can have a detrimental financial impact on a business if systems are breached by computer viruses that consist of worms, spyware, botnet software and ransomware.

One of the most common ways malware can access your network is through email or individuals accessing systems internally. We will install malware protection software that will monitor, analyse, and isolate threats to your organisation.

Our team can assist in reducing the risk of harmful malware gaining access to your systems by providing a vital layer of security that will recognise, protect and detect malware threats within your network.




Identity & Access Management

The concept of just having a password is no longer enough to protect your credentials. Our Threat Intelligence Consultants identify the right Multifactor Authentication (MFA) software for your organisation to ensure your team are protected when accessing business critical systems.

Any risks that come with compromised passwords can be mitigated through MFA. Utilising cutting edge biometric and password-less technology restricts bad actors from accessing your systems.

Adding MFA as part of your security measures doesn’t have to slow users down. It is a fast and easy solution to setup, making it a simple but reliable security method.

MFA is an additional security measure to verify your users when using:

Critical Systems
IoT Devices

Secure Mobile Devices

As organisations embrace a more hybrid and mobile way of working, they must deploy networks that allow remote access to internal systems.

Our technical team will identify vulnerable mobile devices within your organisation, installing and ensuring a multi-layered protection approach when gaining access to critical systems.

We will provide you with the tools to safely encrypt your data to avoid eavesdropping of connections between a mobile device and your organisation’s network.

Our mobile protection services include:

Secure Web-gateway
Email Security
Cloud Applications Access

Verification at a touch

Legacy Infrastructure Protection

Common within older organisations is to have a selection of legacy infrastructure, consisting of both hardware and software.

In some instances, these technologies no longer receive the relevant manufacturer security updates or are considered end of life.

However, many businesses maintain their legacy infrastructure which although may seem outdated, is an essential part of their IT system and often holds vital information.

Our solution architects will work with customers to design a cyber security perimeter, to protect vulnerable assets and their connections.

Overtime our consultants can assist in updating and migrating systems on the network, to meet the requirements of the organisation.

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