Quantum Software

Easily Create Quantum Algorithms.

Virtual First Quantum transforms high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits.

Our user-friendly platform enables both beginner and expert designers to rapidly generate, analyze, and execute quantum circuits.

Whether your circuit needs 10 or 10,000 qubits, Virtual First Quantum lets you develop optimized circuits in a fraction of the time gate-level modeling would require.

1. Quantum Circuits in Minutes

Tired of gate-level coding or trying to cobble together pre-written blocks?
Synthesize quantum circuits from high-level functional descriptions. Create complex circuits that could not be designed otherwise, and turn months of manual work into minutes.

2. Precise Optimization

Automatically optimize quantum circuits at the system-level. Specify the behavior you need and the constraints you want to meet, then watch our quantum application development software examine numerous alternatives to find the best solution. Control the width, depth, accuracy, entanglement level, gate selection and much more.

3. Commercial Grade Algorithms

Quickly design novel circuits to solve problems in optimization, machine learning, finance, chemistry and more. Analyze, optimize and maintain quantum circuits with ease, and deploy on the hardware and cloud provider of your choice.

Faster Quantum Circuits Design

Whatever your level of expertise, we can help you reach your goals faster.

New to Quantum?

Years of quantum computing expertise are built into the platform, so you can start quickly and innovate with confidence.

Already an Expert?

Achieve breakthrough scale and innovations with a radically better way to create, debug and optimize quantum computing algorithms. Create pure quantum or hybrid quantum/classical circuits.

Use New and Existing Algorithms

Easily integrate powerful algorithms such as Grover, VQE, QAOA, HHL and even Shor's, as well as a rich library of built-in functions. Create and reuse new functions to fortify your IP position and make quantum programming easier.

Quantum Circuit Systhesis that understands your constraints.

There are many ways to implement a quantum algorithm, but which one is best? Is it the one with a the minimum number of qubits? The shortest depth? More auxiliary qubits? A particular functional implementation?

Automatically explores a huge design space to find the best circuit for your high-level functional model, target hardware and system constraints.


Real-life problems are solved faster when you can bring in relevant experts. Whether it’s supply chain, finance, chemistry, or cybersecurity, our Quantum Algorithm Design software abstracts the gate-level details so that domain experts can contribute faster.


Decades of quantum research, built right in. Classiq’s engine integrates all the fundamental data, building blocks and algorithms from the quantum world right into the platform so they’re always at your disposal.


Customize quantum algorithms to your company’s specific needs. Start with a high-level algorithm, add domain-specific elements, then fine-tune the algorithm to your own data and requirements.


Using powerful CAD technology, Classiq automatically generates quantum circuits based on specific functionality and requirements, without requiring you to manually balance low-level aspects like load probability distributions or levels of entanglement.