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At Virtual First, we are passionate about how technology can inspire creativity, and believe a building should be stimulating to all who visit. We bring environments to life through detailed design and fit-out, integrating smart systems to the DNA of a building.

Smart buildings bring together advanced technological systems to enhance, monitor and maintain your working environment. The systems we install to a building, constantly adapt to those who visit and update for those who maintain it.

Having sustainability at the forefront of our designs, Virtual First help organisations reduce their carbon footprint, enabling a more energy-efficient business operation.

Smart Environments

Our expert team will work with you to design and create your office environment, working specifically on the physical layout to provide an efficient and collaborative office space.

Network Infrastructure

Create and sustain the network infrastructure of your intelligent building, ensuring you can see tangible improvements in performance, the health and wellbeing of workers and the efficiency of everyday business.

Work smarter, not harder

Whether it be a high street store, modern office, education campus, healthcare facility, large industrial or stadium location, buildings are coming to life. The modern environment enhances interaction and collaboration, keeping visitors safe, and focusing on sustainability.

At Virtual First, our team of experts bring together technologies such as IOT, Networking, Security Systems, collaboration space scheduling and more. This is just the tip of the iceberg; buildings are evolving and here at Virtual First, we’ll keep you at the forefront of technological awareness.

The systems implemented will help reduce power consumption through the installation of energy-efficient technology, such as smart lighting and Building Management Systems, delivering a more sustainable environment for all.

Our steps to your bespoke intelligent building



Following an in-depth consultation, we will produce a building fit-out design, to meet your business needs.



Fully managed installation ensuring the project meets expectation, timelines and budgets.



We activate and configure the technological elements of the design, bringing your building to life.

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