Microsoft Managed Services

Our Microsoft Services

Virtual First’s Microsoft Managed Services allow your IT leaders to focus on business-critical processes, while improving security, agility and innovation.

Our team of engineers enables you to drive value and cost savings throughout the lifecycle of your Microsoft license investment.

Our service delivers this outcome by ensuring you have a secure package that meets both short and long term business goals. As we see businesses increase their digital transformation strategies, be ready for your team’s every need to ensure their productivity.


Our team of Microsoft Engineers can support the migration and configuration of your environment, no matter the size of your team

Virtual First can build and deliver training bespoke to your team and ensure your whole team’s adoption of your Microsoft Suite

End users having secure access anytime, anywhere, across any device is now taken as standard – ensure your team’s productivity with the right Microsoft package solution

Integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams for a more cost effective calling plan


Microsoft Azure is a secure cloud services platform that offers flexible storage, content delivery and compute power. It enables your business to scale, innovate and grow. Whether your aim is to reduce costs, enhance efficiency or to improve productivity, Virtual First are here to support your cloud infrastructure.

Our Microsoft Azure services, ensure a productivity-boosting, efficient and cost-effective cloud solution that transforms the way your business works. Virtual First can support your team with everything from migration, strategy, road mapping, deployment, automation, to management and support.

Securing your MS Environment

With cyber security stakes at an all time high, the protection of endpoints, and detection and response strategies are critical for business continuity. With cyber criminals leveraging gaps in Microsoft 365, Virtual First’s Microsoft Managed Service combined with our Cyber Security expertise can ensure the protection of your infrastructure.

We employ our team’s specialist security knowledge, technical skills, and understanding of your business to design the ideal solution for you. Whether you’re just getting started with Microsoft, or you want to optimise and further protect your existing solution, let us help you to get the most of your investment.

Wherever your team are working from, ensure their productivity is supported.

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