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Modern meetings are defined by flexibility. Traditional ways of scheduling and attending meetings have changed and collaboration tools are more important than ever.

Our solutions are designed to adapt to any sized business or space. We partner with industry leaders in emerging technologies to ensure users maximise productivity and engagement, whether they are hosting webinars on Webex, exploring Microsoft Teams or managing key projects.

Incorporating video technology doesn’t have to be expensive. Virtual First can help you choose a video strategy that is right for your organisation’s needs whilst managing costs.

No Matter


Meet with anyone, anywhere

Huddle Space



2-5 People


Share ideas


Conduct meeting



Enhance productivity

Virtual interaction


Interact and connect

Meeting Solutions

Made to fit


Increased interaction

Virtual Environment


Collaboration Space

Digital whiteboard


Open to all



Expand your crowd

Host event

Meet with up to 100,000 guests in video. Customisable layouts to cater to your video collaboration needs. Live recording and transcribing of entire meeting. Share and present files or your entire screen.

Find out how you can fit-out your meeting room to collaborate more efficiently

No matter


Whatever your platform

We partner with the best video meeting platforms so that we can offer a range of options when tailoring your service.

Each one is different, which is why we look to equip you with the video meetings infrastructure that meets your every need, pairing you with the right platform.

Take your steps
to a flexible future.

No matter


For all devices you use

Utilise your own desktops or optimise your video meetings with a range of devices with built-in collaboration features.

We offer cutting-edge video meeting technology within our service. From understanding your needs, we offer the very best technology that delivers more than you’re looking for.

An all in one data centre which prevents any data compromises or issues.

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