Network Infrastructure

Configuring your network
for the modern workplace.

Your Building Network

Your network infrastructure is key to an efficient and cohesive work environment.

Our Virtual First Team will ensure all your technological components are connected to the internet (from your digital signage to your networks, and the audio-visuals to your security system) seamlessly and efficiently.

We provide turnkey intelligent connectivity solutions for businesses, specifically designed so they can evolve into an intelligent building that meets their requirements.

Our specialists will install your building management system (BMS), a computer-based system which is used to monitor and control building services, such as lighting, heating, security systems and more, as well as integrating with your renewable energy system.

From smart building solutions which include flexible networking, to security and AI services, we design and deploy your organisations secure network infrastructure.

Efficient Building

Having a building that works with you can really speed up your work processes and allow you to work more efficiently.

We work with any style of building from an office to a shop, stadium, restaurant, or anything else you want to transform into a more productive and sustainable place of work.

Having a smart building can revolutionise your work practices; from having an interactive environment that tells you when a workspace is free, to being able to seamlessly connect with people across the globe. We can help you achieve your business goals.

An efficient building can also reduce your energy output. Our specialists are always looking to improve organisations sustainability practises and we will analyse your current building layout to see where we can cut unnecessary energy usage.

Improving your IT infrastructure ensures all the technological elements of your intelligent building work together

Heat Mapping

In the current climate, workplace density is the logical starting point when planning your office. We can implement a strategy that supports a socially distanced workforce and accommodates to different workers preferences and health necessities.

Within this, our team will include technology to aid employees by improving wellbeing and empowering workers by giving them the ability to control the environment. For example, having optimal temperatures can lower infective aerosolised viruses.

Our Virtual First Team can also source and provide Bluetooth low energy locating cards to assist with rapid contact tracing when someone is known to be infected.

Your environment can empower workers to be more efficient and productive.


To effectively manage your building systems and optimise on a smart environment, our Virtual First Team will link everything to a digitalised master control system.

Smart building infrastructure that uses a converged network will allow a wide range of functionalities to be managed and monitored. Our IT Solutions specialists will ensure all elements of your network are interconnected and communicating harmoniously.

Cyber Security

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