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Our AWS Service

At Virtual First, we can support your business’s IT infrastructure with scalable
cloud solutions tailored around your specific requirements. Our AWS Support packages provide you with trustworthy, technical support from highly qualified engineers that are focused on supporting your business objectives via the cloud.

As a secure cloud services platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps businesses scale up and grow through additional computing power, database storage, content delivery and more. Our team are experts in the design, development and ongoing management of AWS services so can bring to our clients a wealth of experience. We’ll help migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS and provide you with ongoing support to maximise its potential.

No matter the size of your requirement, Virtual First can provide end to end consultancy, deployment and support. We can support your business 24/7, 365 day a year with a hosted desktop and office infrastructure, evolving with the modern workforce.

Storage & Hosting

Make resources available in minutes, for wherever your team are working. Speed time to market, avoid complex capacity planning, and reduce over-provisioning with just a few clicks.


With AWS, you can use whichever CMS currently supports your site, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. By utilising our AWS services you can have a datacentre or CDN hosting your website in any geography you choose with just a few mouse clicks.

Intelligent Buildings

Whatever your industry, size or current infrastructure, compliance and regulatory frameworks dictate how and where you manage data and services. We can help you leverage infrastructure managed on AWS to ensure that you maintain strict conformity with your security standards at all times.

Data Lakes & UBEA

Consolidate your data so it’s easier to model and analyse. Use our Amazon services to build a secure, durable, and scalable data lake. Take advantage of its integration with a wide range of services for measurable performance analytics.

Data Lakes allow you to import any amount of data that can come in real-time. Data is collected from multiple sources, and moved into the data lake in its original format. With the support of Virtual First’s team of engineers, this process allows you to scale to data of any size, while saving time of defining data structures.

The ability to harness more data, from more sources, in less time, and empowering users to collaborate and analyze data in different ways leads to better, faster decision making. Our clients have seen added value in their Data Lakes with improved customer interactions, enhanced operational efficiency and improved R&D innovation choices.

Working alongside our Threat Intelligence Team, our consultants ensure the security of your AWS service.

Why Virtual First

When choosing Virtual First as your trusted IT Solutions Partner, we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ll keep your infrastructure running smoothly and systems updated regularly, from simple 24/7 support, to critical project management.

Our technical expertise and strategic partnerships, help support your IT infrastructure to meet the ever-demanding need for technical resources. You’ll get a dedicated and experienced, IT Infrastructure Manager, who will act as an extension to your organisation.

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