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Awareness Training

It is important to remember that cyber attacks can originate not just from external sources, but also from within an organization. To mitigate these potential threats, it is crucial that your staff are trained to identify suspicious activity and take appropriate action.

Utilise our easily digestible training modules and streamlined learning approach. By providing access to a diverse range of courses, you can ensure that all necessary cybersecurity awareness training is covered.

This will empower your employees to proactively identify and effectively respond to security threats, thus minimizing the risk to your network.


Attempted attacks recorded on SMB’s everyday


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SMB’s are attacked per year

Data gathered from 05/10/2021

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a powerful tool for evaluating the robustness of your IT infrastructure’s security. By subjecting your network to a series of simulated cyber attacks, this assessment method can pinpoint vulnerabilities and areas for improvement in your cyber defenses.

During the testing, advanced techniques and tools will be employed to mimic realistic attack scenarios, providing a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure’s resilience. The testing process is strictly controlled to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be presented with a detailed report that provides insight into your infrastructure’s current security state, highlighting any vulnerabilities and exposures. The report will also provide guidance on how to strengthen your defenses and reduce risk, allowing you to improve your overall cyber security posture.

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Vulnerability Assessment

To protect your business from cyber threats, it is important to regularly assess and evaluate your IT infrastructure. Our assessment methodology combines both manual and automated testing to thoroughly examine your network, uncovering any potential vulnerabilities without exploiting them.

With cyber attackers constantly seeking out opportunities to exploit weaknesses in corporate networks, a proactive approach to security is essential. This assessment provides valuable insight, allowing you to identify and address any risks to your infrastructure before they can be exploited.

The detailed reporting from this assessment will empower your IT team to take swift action to address any network exposures, providing a clear remediation process to follow. By conducting regular assessments and addressing vulnerabilities, you can ensure your business stays secure against potential cyber threats.

Simulated Phishing Assessment

Phishing is a major cause of data breaches and just one successful attempt can compromise your IT infrastructure. Staff need to be aware of phishing attempts and how to remediate them.

Email filters only block a small fraction, thus staff need to be vigilant in upholding security.

Our assessment uses realistic simulations to train staff in recognizing and mitigating phishing attempts and monitoring their progress.

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Cyber Essentials Plus

Obtaining a UK government approved certification for cyber security can be an effective way to demonstrate your business’s commitment to protecting sensitive information and safeguarding against various cyber threats. This certification not only helps to reassure others of your operational protection, but it can also be used as a marketing tool to attract more customers.

Our certification process includes a comprehensive review of your digital security, and upon passing the assessment, your business will receive an accreditation that verifies the in-depth technical assessment that has been performed on your defenses. This can serve as a powerful validation of your business’s security protocols and capabilities.

By obtaining this certification, you can not only educate yourself and better protect your business, but also give your customers the peace of mind that their sensitive information is well-protected by advanced security measures. It gives them confidence that your business is adhering to the high-standards of security and your customers can trust in the security measures implemented in your organization.

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