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Our Hardware Solutions

At Virtual First, we understand the importance of having reliable, durable, and efficient hardware solutions within an organisation.

No matter how much of our lives are lived online, an organisation still has a requirement for physical networking and productivity hardware to connect our systems, edit our work and access information.

To guarantee that your systems are running effectively, Virtual First offer a full turnkey solution to meet your hardware requirements, from our Intelligent Building services to the specification, procurement and deployment of hardware including IOT across an organisation.

We propose hardware from manufacturers who are focused on developing long-lasting and sustainable technology, to meets the needs of an organisation.

Hardware Deployment


We will provide you with the most high-spec option to meet your budget


Our team will procure, install, and securely deploy your hardware


We will provide you with continuous preventative and reactive support

VF Engineers

Our team of IT specialists are available whenever and wherever you need. Whether in person or via a secure remote connection, we work with your team to solve the most complex of issues, configuring your hardware, and ensure compatibility with your internal systems.

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Virtual IT Team

We provide 24/7 support for all your IT challenges. Whether it be a password reset, integration of an app, or a suspicious activity investigation by our Cyber Threat Intelligence team, we are on hand to facilitate your every need.

Service Desk

Get collaborating with
your devices.

Asset Tracking & Servicing

Our Virtual First IT specialists will set up simple automation functions in your online IT asset management tools and maintain the built-in capabilities to monitor your manual efforts.

We will ensure you are working efficiently to monitor cloud based ITIL asset management solution performance, and work on improving the service delivery with custom reporting capabilities. We will identify and assess bottlenecks to
prevent them from recurring.

Contract management is key to plan license purchases and detect contract infringements proactively, notifying you when need be. Our team will ensure contracts are renewed quickly and easily by leveraging automated approval workflows.

Lifecycle Management



We will provide you with all the devices you need and ensure they are configured
so your users are ready to login.



We offer 24/7 support to ensure your devices are always serving you as best they can and so your business continues to run smoothly.



Rather than getting rid of any hardware you are no longer using/ upgrading from, we pledge to find a new home for it and ensure someone else has good use from it.


Intelligent Buildings

Having hardware that is right for your organisation is more than just devices. At Virtual First, we can provide a smart building network that combines software and hardware to ensure you have a sustainable, efficient, and intelligent workspace for you and your team.

Intelligent Buildings

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