Phone Systems

Inbound & Outbound Calls
Directly from Teams

Our Direct Routing solution turns Microsoft Teams into your cloud-based phone system, allowing you to call anyone, anywhere in the world directly using Teams. Call using “Teams” from your desktop, mobile or phone system.

Direct Routing offers you the capabilities to enable voice and a range of additional calling features for your Microsoft Teams workspace allowing you to benefit through VoIP connectivity on a global scale.

Built on Microsoft Azure


Flexibility Level of flexibility giving you the option to have functionality as required.


Two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, hand geometry biometric readers, global incident response team.

Unified Delivery

End-to-end solution. All the tools for source control, unit testing, delivery, go live tools, integration testing, it’s all under one umbrella.

Hybrid Deployment

Direct Routing allows hybrid deployment. This way you can take advantage of your on-premise resources as well as the benefits of the Cloud.

Deploying Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams

We work with global SIP partners in operating a cloud-model, whereby Microsoft-certified SBCs (Session Border Controllers) are deployed as a bespoke architecture within our network to enable voice through Microsoft phone system.

What is required to enable Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?
Virtual First Voice app for automated provisioning
Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license including Teams
Microsoft Phone System add-on
An internet connection

Voice App

Voice Integration with Microsoft Teams

With the introduction of the Virtual First Voice app, we have been able to automate the provisioning process for Direct Routing and eliminate the need for any PowerShell knowledge or experience.

Utilising the pedigree of the UK’s leading SIP Trunk providers, our voice services can be fully integrated into Microsoft Teams with full PSTN breakout. It’s easy to transition from your existing PBX – there’s no hardware to purchase or support and future enhancements are assured.

Access Services

Maximising your Teams

To accompany your Direct Routing service, we offer a range of access types that are built specifically to carry voice traffic securely.

Converged Services

A converged service can offer a further comprehensive service. Our end-to-end approach offers designing, testing and providing services across both UCaaS and Access gives us the necessary visibility and control needed in delivering a consistent and robust voice and video quality to our business customers.

Converged Broadband

A converged broadband service has been specifically designed to prioritise voice and video traffic at a high quality. Calls never traverse the public internet whilst we use advanced traffic management techniques.

Features of Direct Routing
for Microsoft Teams

Advanced Call Bundles per user per month, featuring: 12-month term with 2,000 minutes to UK national landline numbers, pooled across the organisation OR 36-month term with 2,000 UK minutes to UK national landlines and to UK mobiles, pooled across the organisation.

Advanced Statistics that offer comprehensive data on management and reporting.

Tailored Business Continuity that ensures you never miss a call, having greater availability, resiliency and scalability.

Ease of Transition and provisioning using the portal to gain visibility of service management and streamlining migration from traditional on-premises phone systems.

Access to calls wherever you are by your mobile or desktop.

Microsoft Teams Becomes Your Phone System

Use our migration tool to replace existing legacy and cloud solutions to keep your existing call routing

Experience seamless number porting into Direct Call Routing with expert help and onsite engineering

Retain & use all existing telephone numbers, add new numbers as required

Benefits of Direct Routing
for Microsoft Teams

Boost collaboration & productivity Internal & external calls, conference calls, Teams meetings, chat and collaboration ALL from Microsoft Teams.

Control your costs Fixed predictable costs per user pricing, eliminate uncontrolled telecoms spend.

Advanced Call Options Call recording, reception services, hot desking, voicemail transcriptions and contact centre options.

Centralise & consolidate Legacy systems and disparate platforms into your Microsoft Teams environment for a slick, easy user experience.

We provide a range of IT Solutions to ensure your collaboration services are always running smoothly.


Looking to develop Cloud Calling further with a seamless cloud experience?

Our steps to your bespoke
Collaboration service



Schedule a consultation with our Direct Routing specialists to assess your current phone system.



We will design and plan the implementation of your new phone system to ensure a seamless transition.



Our customer success team will onboard users via our online training platform, to ensure a successful adoption of the system.