Cloud Networking Security

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We evaluate your sensitive data for its flow in the cloud so we understand how this is stored and used.



Organise security parameters and heighten controls to mitigate any vulnerabilities that pose a threat.



Scan data logs from cloud environments and centralise data flow for transparency whilst exporting logs to alerting engines.

DNS Protection

Our teams can provide your organisation with DNS security defence, which is built into the core of the internet.

The software enforces security policies at the DNS and IP layers, blocking requests to malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets before a connection is even established.

When users enable VPN’s, this can lead to a DNS-blind spots. DNS protection stops threats over any port or protocol before threats reach your network or endpoints.

DNS security software has global investigation capabilities, which can determine if a URL is safe, and allow pass through or block risky domains from processing command and control call-backs attacks against roaming users.

Manage cloud applications

DNS security software provides visibility into sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, so you can uncover new services being used, see who is using them, identify potential risks, and easily block specific applications.

Improve visibility

Monitoring DNS requests, as well as subsequent IP connections, is an easy way to provide better accuracy and detection of compromised systems, improving security visibility and network protection.

Simplify security management

Rapidly protect users across your organization and reduce threats at the earliest point. DNS security tools have no hardware to install, and software updates happen automatically, enabling ongoing management to be simple.

Protect mobile and roaming users who are off-network

In this new world of hybrid working, organisations can have peace of mind that users devices are protected, wherever they connect.

IoT Security

Develop your cyber security to monitor and protect sensitive data held on your IoT devices with Virtual First.

Gain visibility on assets and application flows whilst enforcing OT security policies with a protocol framework that protects control systems against malware, cyber attacks and human error.

Ensure there are no cracks in your cyber security with AI powered security measures that surveys and defends your IoT network.

Adopting machine learning provides an around the clock AI that evolves the more it acts. Learning user, device, container and instance patterns of behaviour to recognise and respond to cyber attacks.

Website & Web App Encryption

Your website is the digital door to your business. It holds all and transmits your company and customers’ data. Unfortunately, without the appropriate security measures, your website data can be manipulated.

Our service offers you the ability to encrypt your website activity and incorporate HTTPS protocols to ensure that data is transferred securely. Prevent ISPs redirecting traffic without your permission.

Web apps used to create your website like CMSs, data administration tools and SaaS apps. They however offer an opportunity to attackers to circumnavigate normal authentication procedures by accessing your data via vulnerable components within web applications.

Adopt web application firewalls (WAF) whilst autonomously analyse incoming traffic and block any attack attempts along with a range of other resilient and cryptic security parameters.

With the help of our experts, you can integrate the appropriate security procedures to prevent this.

Ecommerce Defence

Your customers data and trust in your service is the most important feature of your ecommerce store.

Confidently protect your customer’s payments securely and safeguard their transactions to explore your store freely with us.

Securely perform authentication and identification processes whilst adding non-repudiation principles.

We can equip your existing ecommerce store or integrate safety protocols within your new build, preventing any unauthorised third parties gaining access to customer data.

Digital Brand Protection

Your brand is your business’s identity which needs protecting to avoid brand identity theft.

Cyber criminals target unprotected brands to steal and masquerade as the business, creating whole domains into acquiring the business’s traffic and stealing user data.

These acts can severely harm a brand’s reputation.

Validate your brand

Gain visibility and protect your brand with our solutions that enable your cyber security to identify brand misrepresentation instances and flag potential threats.

Become more transparent with your website, domain and social media channels so you can identify threats with a solutions that collects data to identify content that possesses brand variations and similarities.

You’ll be able to filter through data and validate real threats to your brand.

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