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At Virtual First, we deliver reliable, cost-effective IT networks and services that keep organisations running smoothly.

IT Networks are one of the most crucial elements of your IT infrastructure, and our team will design, implement, and maintain a resilient solution for you to ensure the smooth-running of your communications and data flow.

We deliver a simple strategy so you can connect all locations, deliver applications, and analyse data, whilst dictating how you collaborate internally and externally.

Interconnected in the
cloud, anywhere.

Carrier Neutral

At Virtual First, we offer a Carrier Neutral approach to provide reliability, flexibility, and managed costs to businesses.

Different carriers have a variety of options which can be tailored to suit the needs of a business. We provide businesses with the opportunity to choose between different colocation and interconnection providers to ensure it is unique to their needs.

By offering multiple connection options, we can ensure costs are low and our team will tailor an approach with your budget as priority.


Modern data centres utilise virtual networks to support applications and workloads across pools of physical infrastructure. Our team will design a data centre that communicates across multiple sites, both on premise and in the cloud, to ensure data is shared seamlessly and securely.


The Virtual First IT Solutions team prioritise a software-defined approach to manage the wide-area network (WAN).

We are always looking to support organisations to maximise their business operations and will ensure we are improving application performance and increasing agility.

SD-Wan address the current IT challenges by improving resource usage for multi-site deployments. Our team will manage costs and lower any operational fees where possible, simplifying an organisations system through cloud-based management which puts user experience first.

Not Just Cables

IT Solutions are often associated with physical hardware, but at Virtual First we can tailor a solution to be suitable for your organisation.

Our team will ensure your online data is easily accessible and securely stored to protect it from any malicious cyber-attacks.

We understand how a company’s technological priorities and needs can change, so we are always adapting to find the best solution for you. We will seamlessly incorporate people or places into your network, managing your needs and allowing access to your centralised data system wherever users may be.

Securely connecting your organisation

Connecting Your Network

Effective collaboration relies on the smooth running of your IT infrastructure
and our teams work together to solve any issues relating to your communication
strategy. Whether assistance is needed in person or via a secure remote connection, we prioritise the smooth-running of your business and the ever-demanding need for technical resources.


When creating a smart workplace, the IT solutions are as important as the hardware itself. Our team will combine all aspects of advanced technological systems to bring your environment to life and inspire creativity for all who visit, incorporating your unique IT Solutions to always be most beneficial to your organisation.

Intelligent Buildings

As technology and our IT practices advance, so must our Cyber Security measures. Organisations are more susceptible to attacks than ever before as so much of our data is stored virtually. Our Threat Intelligence Team prioritise securing your network, data and endpoints, so your mind is at ease wherever you are working.

Cyber Security

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