Flash Data Storage

Flash Data Storage

Our Flash Storage Solutions

At Virtual First, we provide enterprise grade Flash Data Storage.

Our Secure storage solutions give a tier-1 all-flash performance, storing data within a cluster architecture, designed to scale to petabytes of data.

Our solutions combine High Performance Hardware with Artificially Intelligent managed software, which optimises data centre energy efficiency and improves content delivery.

Data Storage is one of the most crucial elements of an IT infrastructure, and our team will design, implement, and maintain a resilient solution to ensure the smooth-running of data flowing through an organisation.

Interconnected in the cloud, anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

RDMA acceleration for GPU servers is 4x faster than NAS and VAST eliminates HDD latency by making flash affordable for all training data.

Content Creation

Workflows run faster when you combine the performance of all-flash NAS at the price point of archive storage,

Content Delivery

CDNs and cable operators can now afford to eliminate service latency and serve exabytes of content from flash.

Data Protection

Enterprise backups are more energy efficient, recoveries are faster, and data center space requirements are more compact.


The performance of a parallel file system with the simplicity of a modern NAS platform.

Life Science

Accelerate classic and modern bioinformatics pipelines and consolidate storage silos.

Quantitative Trading

Gain ultimate advantage when all research data can be analyzed at NVMe speeds.


Global flash translation software enables QLC flash to be used in enterprise environments for over a decade, guaranteed.

Next generation erasure codes bring the cost of error correction down to just 3% while delivering 100x more resilience than traditional erasure codes.

Similarity-based data reduction finds patterns across a namespace with granularity that’s 4,000 to 4M times smaller than traditional approaches, delivering the best reduction ratios of any storage ever, guaranteed.

Securely connecting your organisation




Clusters can be built with 2-10K stateless servers. Servers can be pooled for tenant QOS, scaled on-demand and collocated with applications to bring NVMe over Fabrics speed all the way to the host.


A redundant independently scalable cluster can be built by connecting every server & device in the cluster, over commodity data center networks (Ethernet or IB), enabling a shared-everything concept.


Highly-Available NVMe Enclosures manage up to 1PB per RU. Enclosures can be scaled independent of Servers and clusters can be built to manage exabytes of data in one multi-protocol namespace.

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