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Benefits of video conferencing in Healthcare

Situational Stories – How Virtual First can improve collaboration experience for the Healthcare sector

At Virtual First, we believe technology can transform the way you work. Therefore, we are passionate about the ways in which we can support organisations to improve their business operations, teamwork, and overall productivity.  It is something we believe in through the methods we practice throughout our own business. Our experience has meant we are knowledgeable in the best methods for businesses to follow and incorporate technology into our working lives wherever we can. The healthcare sector in particular is utilising more collaboration tools. Specifically, there are many benefits of video conferencing in the healthcare sector. Therefore, we are looking to outline how you can maximise your productivity and use office space most effectively.

Doctor during video consultation with a sick patient

If we were to support a private healthcare company, there are certain factors we would be looking to address. With the trend of hybrid working on the rise, there are certain practices that businesses are focusing on. For example, easy access to spaces that allow for effective collaboration to take place. This might be meetings, brainstorming, client, or patient one-to-ones. The benefits of video conferencing for the healthcare sector is huge. The number of conferences that take place all over the world means having functional meeting rooms improve the experience for all. Moreover, the main theme is having a space within the work environment that means people can work effectively. A bonus is being able to connect with those working remotely and include them in whatever discussions are taking place.

Maintaining meeting rooms for video conferencing

An issue for many organisations that have multiple meeting rooms is the constant upkeep of maintaining them. This adds quite a lot of work for an IT Consultant and runs the risk of something going wrong during a meeting or presentation. Therefore wasting unnecessary time, energy, and resources – all of which could be avoided. A business having multiple meeting rooms would mean someone would have to physically test all the VC units were working. This task could get quite frustrating and time-consuming. Having multiple options for your team is key. It is important to be able to provide them with the space and tools to be able to do their job most effectively. Having inadequate setups or equipment wastes time and energy, delaying important work for your organisation.

How Virtual First can help

However, Virtual First can overcome this. We will deploy our video devices which are registered to the cloud and therefore give the IT Manager access to the online control hub. This allows them to view all devices (at home or in the office) as each device has a real-time status report. This could be Online, Online-with-issue or offline. This would cut out the time taken to physically check every room to see its status report, as it is checkable on the control hub. Therefore if an issue does occur, for example, the network cable has been pulled, the control hub will automatically flag it. Moreover, it will send a message to notify the IT Manager of the issue. This provides a pro-active approach rather than a reactive approach to managing devices. This also allows for more productive use of meeting rooms with any problems easier to solve than before.

We believe buildings should work with you, not against you. Our intelligent building experts can fit out an office space that accommodates you and your worker’s needs. Collaboration is the future of hybrid working, so we will support your digital journey. Our experts solve your problems and create a full-package solution to support all your digital needs. Providing collaboration spaces for your team to connect whether they are at home or in the office is essential to the running of your business.

Office optimised for collaboration