Omnichannel Contact Centre Solutions

Support from anywhere

In the modern world, being able to easily engage with your customers and understand their needs is more vital than ever.

Our expert team will provide omnichannel solutions that mean you can authentically speak to your customers on their preferred method of communication, whether it’s a call, SMS, web chat or social media. We partner with cutting edge vendors to deliver a communication platform that is right for you and your customers.

Contact centres provide a more streamlined and personal feel to support calls by utilising historic notes to provide unparalleled customer experiences. They provide useful analytics by capturing real- time data of your omni-channel usage, improving customer engagement with every conversation.

The Virtual First team will ensure every customer interaction has a positive business outcome while balancing operational costs and the logistics of a contact centre.

Cloud-based contact centres

A cloud-based contact centre is built to handle inbound and outbound customer queries across multiple communication channels, all within one platform, being entirely software based.

Traditional Call Centre

Cloud Contact Centre

Manual maintenance

Exclusively telephony

Requires onsite servers

Automatic updates

Omni-channel capabilities

Hosted within the cloud

Are looking to adopt cloud contact centres in the next 18 months

Consider omni-channel communication integration essential for contact centres

Believe customer journey analytics make the difference in customer experience

Increase in profit margins

Improvement in customer retention

Drop in employee turnover

How will you get there?




Migration with
no interruption


Advanced cloud




At Virtual First, we are passionate about transforming contact centres into engaging spaces that improve communication with customers and remove complexity. Our experienced collaboration team will provide you with the knowledge needed to ensure you have a secure, reliable, and scalable contact centre. We will remove the hassle of maintaining the infrastructure and offer continuous support whilst building and implementing a solution.

Make your contact centre into an experience centre





Online Chat

Customer Journey

Open Architecture
for API



Get started within hours with the help of our team.

Our expertise can get you operational with the infrastructure you need.

Our Solutions Support

The Virtual First team will determine your preferred communication channels and enhance your strategy to maximise their potential. Our Collaboration specialists will take the time to get to know your organisation and tailor a plan to meet your requirements. Support is not just necessary when something goes wrong – we are always on-hand to offer guidance or make any modifications to your contact centre solution. We take a proactive approach to your support, monitoring any anomalies in your solution to maintain continuity and provide the best experience for you and your customers.

Infrastructure build to last
with your business.

Hardware that assists your support

Whether you are working at home or at the office, stay focused on what’s important with interop devices built for ease-of-use.

Of customers favour our single integrated platform that can manage apps, headsets and IP phones.

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