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We facilitate, support, and maintain seamless internal and external communication through simple integrations and easy to use interfaces.

Our calling services provide you with the most flexible and agile solutions for your communication needs, building around your current infrastructure with our feature-rich services.

Futureproof your business by investing in efficient and easy to use phone systems, giving you the ability to make calls, answer, or transfer from wherever you are.

Within your consultation, the Virtual First team will explore solutions aligned to your needs. We can provide you with completely managed services, cutting costs and saving you and your team time to focus on your business elsewhere.


We Offer:


End-to-end control of software and security

Advanced calling and hardware

Data and applications stored within a private cloud


Robust security protection with more flexibility

Extend calling features and control externally with both mobile and on-prem phones on a single plan

Greater workload flexibility between private and public clouds.


Automatic security updates managed by experts

No hardware or staffing costs

Data and applications stored amongst public cloud accessed from anywhere


Direct routing

Our expertise and knowledge with SIP trunking allows us to supply more cost-effective calling plan charges to clients like MS Teams with exclusive calling features integrating a cloud-based phone system.

Cloud clients

Our many partnerships allow us to tailor packages round providing you with unified communications experiences via platforms like Webex.

Our solutions feature

At Virtual First, we use tier one carrier network to provide the most cost effective and resilient calling plans.

Benefits of direct routing with us include:

  • 4,000 national call minute bundles per users
  • Enhanced call reports
  • Comprehensive fraud management
  • Bespoke business continuity plans
  • Fully managed service
  • Consultation in business call flows to help with call retention
  • Seamless IT services make cloud calling even easier

Cloud on the go

Cloud calling features that connect to your devices making sure you never miss a call.

Wherever you go

Stay connected anywhere with a unified communications experience calling to meeting, to messaging.

We provide a range of IT Solutions to ensure your collaboration services are always running smoothly.


Compatible with platforms like Microsoft Teams & Webex Teams, our wide-range of handsets are compatible whether you choose on-premises, hybrid, or cloud deployment.

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