Service Desk

What is our Service Desk?

Our service desk prioritises rapid responses with our team of dedicated professionals always available to resolve issues.

The solutions we provide are a combination of hardware, software, online infrastructure, and any other technical issues. Our experienced team are proficient in solving problems and will always prioritise the smooth-running of your business so your team can collaborate efficiently.

We understand that in the modern world, businesses are completely interconnected and rely on all aspects working together for an efficient performance.

Managing your IT Remotely

Our Virtual IT Team will continuously manage your network, checking for any anomalies in reports and analysis.

Our remote IT Team are a cost-effective asset to your business, providing 24/7 support and solutions for your IT problems.

The Service Desk utilises a dedicated Ticket System to track and manage any inquiries/ problems submitted to the system.

Not just a super-advanced chatbot

With the Virtual First Service Desk, you will always have a human on the end of the phone who can provide you with real support to help you with any issues.

We have all been there where we are having an issue and the problem is made worse by having to deal with a chatbot rather than a human.

At Virtual First, we prioritise giving you best-practise solutions, so we are always adding value to your service and never making life more difficult.

We understand the importance of being able to work through disruption with someone, and our Service Desk specialists are available 24/7 to offer assistance.

Our Service

We provide a Service Desk with a difference.

Our Virtual First IT Team fully manage and monitor it at all times, ensuring we provide you with quick responses and first-time fixes to minimise the disruption to your working day.

Our client-centric approach means we are always putting you first, ensuring each resolution is unique to you and your problem to always provide you with the most effective response.

  • Desktop Application Set-Up & Configuration
  • Application Fault Diagnosis & Remote Repair
  • Windows Server - All Editions
  • Virus Support & Backups
  • Domain/AD User Account & Permissions
  • Domain/AD File & Print Sharing
  • Hyper-V & VMware Issues
  • Office 365 & Core Microsoft Office Support

Manage your support
for existing devices.

Virtual First Line Support


Line Support

This includes reporting on initial incident by logging calls, recording information and data from the customer, and fixing simple problems.


Line Support

The Virtual First Team will fix advanced features when needed. We will carry out
basic server functions, such as password resets, create new users and resolve printer. At this level, remote access may be required.


Line Support

Our team provide in-depth research and investigation so we can solve advanced problems within desktop operating systems. Remote or physical access may be required at this level to evaluate problems within server operating systems.

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