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Mobiles in Business Travel

How do mobiles affect business travel?

A colleague of mine, well to be honest, it was me, many years ago was on a business trip. After my colleague arrived at the destination airport (I really am trying to forget it was me.), he rolled up to the car hire section. During the paperwork it became apparent that my colleague, undeniably brilliant though he is, had managed to forget his driving license. However, all was not lost, through the power of making a call on his mobile and the ability to use two factor authentication, DVLA managed to confirm his identity and license details. Think about it, that’s just using a mobile as a phone, it’s primary purpose, and as an email point.

On another occasion, this same colleague fell asleep on a train and ended up having to fork out a fortune on a taxi to get him back to the company where he was leading a presentation, late. Yet, in his pocket was a device that can be used to set alarms. It is the little things that our mobiles do that we often forget are really really useful.

Aside from those tales of woe, how else can mobiles help with business travel?

These flip cards show some of them.

The Convenience of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way business travellers operate, providing them with unparalleled convenience and connectivity. Furthermore, According to American Express Global Business Travel, mobile phones have become central to business travel, allowing travellers to stay connected, manage their itineraries, and access crucial information in real-time. Gone are the days of printed boarding passes, physical maps, and lengthy phone calls back to the office.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

The impact of mobile phones on business travel extends well beyond basic connectivity. Maria Charyna, in her LinkedIn article on “How Mobile Technology Has Revolutionised Business,” highlights how mobile devices have facilitated communication and collaboration while on the move. The integration of messaging apps, email, and video conferencing tools on mobile phones has made it possible to conduct virtual meetings, provide instant updates to colleagues, and even resolve issues remotely. This has not only increased productivity but has also reduced the need for frequent physical presence.

Social Media in Business Travel

A survey by YouGov (source: YouGov Business) reveals the significance of mobile devices in the context of business travel and social media. Additionally, The survey suggests that business travellers are leveraging social media platforms for networking, research, and staying updated with industry trends. Mobile phones provide instant access to platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, helping professionals connect with peers, clients, and stay informed about the latest developments in their respective fields. Social media also plays a crucial role in sharing experiences, recommendations, and travel tips.

Business travel and social media using mobile phones


Final Words on Mobiles in Business Travel

In my years of business travel, I’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation driven by the use of mobile phones. Moreover, they’ve become our go-to tools for communication, information, expense managementlanguage translationdocument handling, and safety. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of business travel, it’s clear that mobile phones have truly revolutionized the way we work and move in the world. The future is bright, and with continued innovation, mobile devices will only further enrich our business travel experiences.

In a LinkedIn article titled “Navigating the Intersection of Technology & Business Travel,” the author highlights the seamless integration of technology into business travel. Mobile devices serve as information hubs, providing travellers with access to essential details such as flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and real-time updates on travel disruptions. They also offer a wide range of travel apps, from booking platforms to navigation aids, simplifying logistics and ensuring that professionals can navigate unfamiliar locations with ease.

The technology is continually evolving with new apps being released constantly. Take a look at some of the best travel apps for 2023 assessed by PC Mag.


Oh, one final word – I asked our lovely leader if I could have a business trip similar to that shown in the image at the top of this article.

He said nothing.

Just pointed at the word in red on the image.