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Collaboration, Marketing and Advertising: Situational Stories Series

Situational Stories Series: How Virtual First can improve collaboration experience for Marketing & Advertising

Collaboration at work

At Virtual First, we support lots of companies with their digital ventures. Therefore, our aim is to provide solutions to gaps in their working lives. The types of businesses we provide solutions to vary, with each strategy uniquely designed to suit the needs of each individual organisation. We have created a series of situational stories relating to Virtual First to showcase our Collaboration expertise when supporting businesses.

A recent project for us was to support a digital marketing team with their collaboration tools. As we have all experienced over the last 2 years throughout the pandemic, collaborating effectively is more crucial than ever. Moreover, a trend among hybrid working preferences is that when meetings are being held in the office (rather than remotely), there is a drive to collaborate in a space as effectively as possible. More businesses are coming round to the idea of designated spaces to accommodate meetings and teamwork. This applies to whichever sector you fall into; managerial teams are constantly on the lookout for the most effective results when serving workers preferences and needs.

Therefore, no matter the problem, we can find a solution. Our Inside Sales Executive, Adam, is an expert at providing solutions for whatever problems a business might be experiencing. We use our expertise from working with different clients to provide a variety of options to best suit your business.

Maximising efficiency

Businesses are looking to maximise efficiency both at home and in the office, ensuring workers have the best tools available to be productive wherever they are. In this scenario, managers are likely to host reoccurring meetings to assess progress within projects. Ideally, you would be able to utilise a boardroom that is well equipped with a TV and Webcam.

Depicting the concept of video meetings
Isometric graphic showcasing the concept of video meetings.

However, if devices have been supplied by different manufacturers, this often means each device needs a wired connection to a different endpoint. This could cause an issue with the following:

  • Multiple wires in use at one time often means you need to call the IT Team for assistance.
  • Those joining via video conference would have trouble hearing meeting participants.
  • It is much harder to collaborate efficiently, due to the wired connections video conferencing and establishing A/V.

This issue often leaves meeting rooms unattended and not utilised to their full capacity, causing team members to catch up at desks and receive updates outside of team meetings.

Collaboration at Virtual First

Our collaboration solutions at Virtual First address these issues by simplifying the software and hardware of the video conferencing system. Using microphones, 4k webcam, speakers and a control hub centralised within the meeting room space. Now, the presenter can easily control the meeting. The ‘hub’ allows you to alter the camera view so that it focuses on the speaker within the meeting room, screen share wirelessly or join any video conferencing platform with ease for both remote and office attendees. Therefore, joining meetings couldn’t be easier! This makes it simple for users to walk into the space and join a meeting space using the control hub, with just one button to push.

Collaboration Boardroom example
Image of a meeting room

Managers (or any team members) can effectively host, invite, and join meetings effortlessly. Therefore, ensuring everyone stays on top of the project, all due dates are kept and the project is on track to hit its delivery date.

Data would suggest that there is huge potential for an increase in the number of team members utilising meeting rooms. It is a setup we would recommend for any organisation that wants to increase efficiency, teamwork and productivity. Specifically for a marketing team, this is key when trying to be creative and manage multiple projects.

Where we come in

Our team are experts in finding solutions for whatever it is you are looking for. We can navigate whatever problems you are having, providing a full turnkey solution for your organisation using a combination of services to suit you. From intelligent buildings to cyber security, when creating collaboration spaces that best suit you, it is key to consider how you will operate securely whilst your environment works with you. Our purpose is to empower businesses to adopt digital ways of working, drive sustainable growth and break down barriers for a more inclusive workplace.