Our digital transformation to Virtual First - Virtual First

Our digital transformation to Virtual First

As a business, we are enthusiastic about technology and the diverse ways we can help organisations become more efficient in the modern world.  As time has evolved, we have pushed ourselves to match the expertise in the digital industry. Our aim is to partner with businesses on their journey to digital transformation.

However, we have not always been Virtual First. Our journey started as CloudTalk Communications; a small team of collaboration experts, selling and supporting Audio Conferencing and Online Meeting solutions. Collaboration will remain one of our core pillars, alongside five other digital services we will be offering as Virtual First.

Becoming Virtual First

Throughout 2020 we, with the rest of the world, witnessed the rapid transition in workplace transformation and the use of digital technologies. Moreover, through our personal and professional experience during the pandemic, we realised how essential it is to be in touch with the digital world. Our journey has been determining how we can centralise different sectors to provide an efficient and accessible strategy for businesses.

As a result of extensive market research into each of our services, we created a plan to deliver, implement and support clients to be prepared for any ‘new normal’ that is around the corner. Because of this, we realised the way we worked would be a permanent change. More people now require the guarantee of secure data, hybrid working, digital marketing and a flexible approach to working life.

Our team has expanded, and so has our expertise. We continue to prioritise gaining an understanding of a variety of components that feed into the digital world.


Our Virtual First story and our digital transformation journey

What we offer

We (finally) refined the services we are offering to our clients to support them on their digital ventures. Our services are as follows;

  • Collaboration – We provide a combination of computer software and hardware that allows people to interact effectively and allows for real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Cyber Security – Our experts build, integrate and deploy competitive solutions and strategies to protect your brand from malicious cyber-attacks.
  • Digital Marketing – Utilise online channels to promote your brand through insightful and eye-catching digital campaigns, levitating your business to new levels.
  • Intelligent Buildings – You can create a building that is dynamic and responsive. We provide integrated technology to ensure an efficient and productive workspace for everyone within your company.
  • IT Solutions – Our team will build a unique IT infrastructure that works for your business. We use an infusion of software, applications and related programs that complement you.
  • Cloud technology – Store and manage your assets anywhere. We give you the freedom to securely access data stored virtually within networks, any time that suits you.

Technology is inevitable to business

As a business, we are really excited at the prospect of being able to rebrand as a digital and infrastructure service company. We will be offering organisations a package that provides everything they need in one place. Additionally, our priority is to create an alliance with clients to ensure they are achieving their business goals and aspirations.

We strive to support our clients by adopting the most advanced cloud-based technology that will benefit their business. Technology has become inevitable to a business, but the fast-paced nature of the technological world means it can be difficult to keep up. So, you can expect bespoke plans created uniquely for your business as our experts construct and implement a framework that helps your business grow. We will manage all elements of your digital strategy, so you can focus on running your business. Solutions are focused on each individual business, always putting you and your goals first to support you through your digital transformation.

Our mission is to centralise the procurement of digital technology and workplace solutions. Therefore, we provide the technology needed for business growth; designing, and implementing a smart and dynamic workplace.