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What are the benefits of learning online?

Online learning

In a world that was already living so much of life online, the pandemic has really accelerated the current workforce’s digital involvement. This goes together with the expectation of workers to be constantly learning and evolving. There is an assumption that there is easy access to learning tools, but many workers are still faced with time and accessibility constraints.

However, in an ever-changing workforce, upskilling is more important than ever. The meaning of ‘upskilling’ is learning additional skills. This could be improving your knowledge of something or learning a completely new skill! Since the pandemic, there are many skills in demand. A lot of these are computer or tech-related, due to the pandemic forcing our lives online.

Learn with the Virtual First Academy

The way people learn is often personal to them. Just because something works well for one individual, does not mean that is the same for everyone. With the Virtual First Academy, there is a mixture of video learning, study materials and tests to complete to prove your knowledge. This is something that is especially important as workers continue to operate remotely. It can feel like you have access to fewer opportunities when everyone is not all together, so investing in workers’ training is important.

The Virtual First Academy is unique in its approach to customer demand. We put customers at the forefront of our designs, constantly learning to work best for you. We can create new packages designed to meet the demands of you, your business, your staff, or anything else. This allows you to have all your learning in one, easily accessible place. It also allows you to determine which areas you want to improve on; you can become the best, most skilled version of yourself, through the academy learning.

What to know about upskilling?

The key to upskilling is understanding the latest trends in the industry or role you are in. This way, you can really structure your learning to target the areas most beneficial to you. Equally, it is important to identify any gaps in your knowledge that you want to be filled. As mentioned, new technical skills are in high demand. Remote working has meant people are needing to become more independent with managing their technological needs, so resources aren’t thinly stretched.

Upskilling not only improves your skill set but also your processes. Therefore, you can not only learn a whole new skill but also new ways of doing things! This really allows us to utilise the power of digital tools, information can be shared in no time at all.

Learn in a way that suits you

Learning online means you can learn at a time and at a place that suits you. Seminars, workshops and courses which you previously had to attend in person, are now available online. This not only saves time and money, but it also fits in with anything else going on in your life or at work. You can study as much as you want, for as long as you want, before you choose to take the test.

This not only allows more flexibility for workers but also allows more access. This approach ensures that as many people as possible are able to access new ways of working and new skills.

Maximise workers potential

Online learning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional face-to-face learning. This means that employees can utilise their time elsewhere, whilst learning something new!

Also,  94% of employees say that they would be more willing to stay in a corporation that invests in employee training and development. So, consideration of the right training is beneficial for employee retention and business growth. Upskilling and improving your skillset show self-motivation, particularly through independent learning. Team members will likely demonstrate time management and flexibility as they structure their own learning.

The current workforce is arguably the most resilient, due to the challenges which have been faced over the last two years. However, that doesn’t mean that upskilling, or reskilling, must be a challenge! Get in touch to find out more about our Academy platform, or sign up today!