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The role of mobiles in flexible working

The role of mobiles in flexible working

What role do mobiles play in flexible working?

The role of mobiles in flexible working can be quite varied. However, imagine the extremes of flexible working. Imagine having to run your business from the deck of a transatlantic ship. Imagine working from a tent in the arctic as you scan the horizon for polar bears. Imagine running your business from a kayak navigating the Corryvreckan — the world’s third largest whirlpool.

Well you don’t have to imagine that last one as here is a video from a business that does just that!


As you can see from the video, they can run their entire business from a mobile. In the words of the owner, “I have three PCs in the office I never use now.”

I don’t know about you, but I wish my office looked like this.


As you might have noticed in this series of articles so far, many of the examples used are extremes. The idea is to stimulate the thought, “If that can be done, what could I do.”

I am pretty sure you won’t be running your business from a kayak. However, you should start thinking about ways in which your business can use mobiles to introduce flexible working. Are there activities that could be carried out more efficiently on a mobile, perhaps in a remote location, than sitting in an office? Also, if I introduce flexible working, how does that affect continuity planning? Will having my staff working flexibly mean that continuity is partly taken care of? How does flexible working save the company money? Do I actually need an office with all of its associated costs or can I downsize the office to essential activities?

Where should I get my mobile solution from?

The best resource you can have for any journey is a guide. You need someone who knows what is worth having and what you should avoid and, more importantly, how to combine everything into a seamless package.

That’s where VirtualFirst comes in. We can use our expertise to build you a package that meets your exact needs. We take away the worry and potential pitfalls and provide you with a solution that is both bespoke and expandable.

This article is published just to make you aware of the need for moving into mobile business. It is part of a series of articles to be published over the coming weeks which are focussed on how mobiles boost every aspect of business activity.